Ohne Titel Goes Public - Tree Augmented reality?

Posted by Le vin Mariani Published on September 16, 2018

A semi-serious reflection of an event/incident

I was looking at recording and reproducing the sounds of the Salix; within his context. A conversation listening to the tree and telling about its roots.

I ended up imaging the soundscape/picture of a similar Sunday morning, with the tree and families.

The location, I tought, it would have required my blending into the tree and the sound coming from the woods.

Little I knew about how much I’d be blending in the soundscape.

It is fun to think how an accident can be possible be giving some inspirations. Or rework backwards artistic intentions.

To setup a conversation with the tree, one need to get to known his sounds, of his soundscape, of his “rugosita”.

I blended in the woods.

The performance started, anonymous, undetectable.

A silent conversation, without anyone noticing it. Even me! a so silent conversation I had trouble to detect.

The noise of each Sunday merge, bird voice become squicky, waters become obsessives.

” Have you finished? have not heard anything.”

just tree augmented reality.

The broadcast - the performance at the radio The performance field records - Tree Augmented reality Pre-flight - some tests before the performance

something about the Ohne Titel Show - Radio Panik

Émission radio sur l’art contemporain indépendant et alternatif à Bruxelles Un art sans titre de noblesse ni de propriété pour et par ceux qui n’ont aucun titre académique dans le domaine.

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